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July 22, 2010


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Melinda Wilson

1. Girl's World or It's A Girl's World.
2. Lazy Days or Lazy Days of Summer

Raelynn E

Girlie Girl and Boisterous Boy


KIt 1 Sugar & Spice
Kit 2 Snips & Snails


Kit One: Valley Girl
Kit Two: Preppy Boy

Emily W.

1- Swimsuit
2- Sweater

Julie, momto7

At the Mall
In School


pretty in pink
Moody blue

wendi r

Kit 1 Girlie Pink
Kit 2 Indie Blue

Kimberly Madrid

1 = Molly Malone
2 = Cracker Jack

Tiffany Heilman

#1: Girly Girl
#2: Tomboy

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