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January 10, 2011


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I've been talking about running a half marathon this year, which is something I've never done before. I really would like it if my husband did it with me, he's done marathons before but not in forever and I would like him to get back in shape. There's a lot of logistics involved with finding time to train and someone to watch the boys during the actual event, but I think if we put it out there as a goal, maybe we will actually accomplish it.


I'm taking Ali Edwards "One Little Word" class and I'm concentrating on moving "forward" with my life- career, attitude, exercise, everything.

Janett Meyer

My goal this year is to learn how to cook. I want to improve my family's eating habits and I thought that if I cook at home, I can learn a new skill that I can pass on to my children as well as provide them with nutritious meals. Everyone wins!


My goal is to do the Project Calendar Collection!! it's my first time doing a whole year scrap project so I'm excited!


My goal is pretty un-ambitious compared to the rest of you; but at least I'm confident I can meet it. By my count I have some 43 CC kits in various stages of use, dating back to 2008. I'm seriously running out of room to store them!!! I'm determined to use up those that just have a sheet or partial sheets of pp left, and return the remaining embellies and cs to "general population". I've already pulled a couple of likely candidates to start with; methinks it's time to make a bunch of cards for 2011!


Adele, I love yours! I think I'm adding that to my list :)

My resolution this year is to live more in the moment and enjoy today. I do too much planning and worrying about the future. So I'm going to try to find the good in every day of 2011 :)


my goal is to finish my Master's Thesis! I've been working on it {slooowly} for two years now and it's about time to get it done!!


I have three (craft related at least) goals :) I want to complete my "About Me" scrapbook from growing up, then complete at 2010 and start and finish a 2011 book...


I'm going to get caught up on the children's scrapbooks and stay caught up (within a month of new pics). So far, Taten is 11 and I'm caught up with him until he turned 9. Alex is 9, I'm working on a book for him and am at about 4 years old), Madison and Matthew only have up to their 1st birthday and they are now 4 and 5 years old. Christian is 6 mths old and I haven't started his yet.

I think I'm on track considering I just started last fall. I'm fairly certain I will make my crafty goal this year! :-D

Becky D

I have lots of goals that include crafting, but the highest priority is cleaning out and organizing my craft room - can't do much else before I do this! I am a paper crafter and oil painter and I love to sew and all those crafting endeavors have lots of stuff to take up lots of room. So I know I will finish this goal because I have already started on it :) and because I am tired of not being able to just craft when I want to! Thanks for this giveaway - every time I talk to someone about this goal, it gets me thinking about getting in there and getting it done!

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