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January 10, 2011


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I want to complete one layout a week! Sounds easy, but with a full time job, sometimes it´s so hard to scrap!!

Gigi Gutierrez

My goal this year is to pay off my Jeep :)


I am having another baby this year, and we are moving this summer, so I guess my goal would be to get caught up on all my scrapbooking before the baby is born, and a fall behind again. :)

Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

I would love to learn how to quilt. Nothing really complicated. I just want to make t-shirt quilts for my daughters and myself! I think there is a class at Joann's. I just need to find out when and how much!

Jean Marmo

My goal is too clean up as I go along!! I leaves such messes when I scrap. So much so that it is hard to start the next project. I want to put things away after I finish.

Linh C

My goal this year is to finish both of my daughters' elementary school scrapbook albums. They're in middle school now, so I'm not that far behind, but I don't want to delay any further.

Melinda Wilson

One of my goals is for my whole family to go on a cruise together before our sons go off and get married!

Amy (AmyBug)

Well now that I am keeping up within a few months of my son's pictures I would like to work on documenting things about me and my husband to pass down to him. I think it is important for him to know certain things about us as well. So one of my goals this year is to scrap and journal about me & hubby. :)


Wow, you all do have some pretty ambitious goals. One of mine is to do more art projects with my baby.


I made some personal goals and craft goals. My craft goals are pretty simple and I think I can stick to it. Put my completed layouts in albums; use my ever growing stash (that hubby doesn't need to know about); and complete two layouts a month. So far I have some in albums and completed one layout and used my stash. So far so good; however it is only January 11th. LOL

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