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February 21, 2011


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Lolly Kilber

I think Kit #1 should be "Spring Fever" and Kit #2 should be "Bloomin' Blossoms". Both are VERY NIFTY kits!!

Elena D

Kit#1 Hope Flutters & Floats

Kit #2 County Buttons & Buds

Elena D

I meant "Country Buttons & Buds" for kit 2

Marie Butler

Kit #1: "Butterfly Blue"

Kit #2: "Spring Has Sprung"


1. Spring Flutters
2. Happiness Blooms

Summer Braxton

Robin's Nest and Rosebuds
Butterfly Branches and Tea Party


Blue Moon
Rising Sun

Jean Marmo

1. Spread your wings.
2. A little Birdie told me!


I love these two kits and think that they should be named after the little poem April showers bring May flowers

Kit 1: April Showers (because of the blues)

Kit 2: Bring May flowers (all the bright colors)


1. Flutter
2. Flit

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